My Fairy Garden Fairy Light Treehouse Review

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Editor's Review

This set includes everything you’ll need to make a special garden for the fairy Amaya and her owl friend Hootie!

The playset contains Fairy lighthouse with swivel top, bottom planting area, watering can, 2 gardening tools, seed packet, fairy seed starter, Amaya the Fairy, Hootie the Owl, fairy flying cord, and leaflet.

Grow the plants in Amaya’s garden and have fun playing in the fairy world. Kids can add their own seeds, flowers, stones, and shells to the garden for a customized play experience. You’ll want to check the dampness daily and add water as needed. Just note that depending on the temperature and location the seeds will take about three to seven days to start growing.

As your plants grow have fun playing with the magic garden too! The treehouse lights up and has a color-change feature. The top of the treehouse rotates to shine the light. This can also be used as a fun night light!

My Fairy Garden Fairy Light Treehouse

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The garden grows rather quickly. It comes with basic gardening tools and kids will feel accomplished once it’s done growing!

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