Morris & Co. Severn Round Play Mat Review

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Editor's Review

If you’re looking for a new mat to jazz up your child’s play area, then you should make the Totter and Tumble Severn Play Mat your next purchase. The mat comes in three sizes: The Standard at 83 x 55 x.5″, The Compact size at 72 x 49 x .5″, and The Round size at 55 x .5″. You can find your perfect pattern match using their style guide. The mat is safe for newborns and up as it is made of 1.3cm thick memory foam that cushions and molds to your child’s form, which encourages their motor skills like crawling or rolling. The mat can also be used by parents as it’s great to use as an exercise mat. It’s easy to use as you just roll it out and it’s easy to clean using a wipe or damp cloth. I truly love this mat, even with having it on our carpet. When Riley plays with his trucks on the carpet, they don’t move as well and he gets frustrated. But, when we put this down, it helped make his play time so much more fun.  The mat was also great when we had little Ryder doing tummy time on it as the patterns helped keep him entertained.

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We absolutely love this mat. It’s a great addition to a carpet or on hardwood.


  • It can be used by parents and kids.
  • It comes in different sizes/patterns that will fit into your aesthetic.
  • It’s easy to clean. 


  • If we had to roll it up, it doesn’t store very compactly. 

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