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Editor's Review

You’ve probably heard of the Moonlite Smartphone Storytime Projector. (TTPM reviewed it way back in 2017.) The general premise of lighting up storytime is the same, but now there are new Disney and Pixar stories to enjoy. Whether you purchase the Pixar Gift Pack or Disney’s Modern Classics Gift Pack, you’ll receive one Moonlite Projector and five stories.

Here’s how it works. You’ll need to download the free Moonlite app and use the activation code inside your box to set up an account. Once the app is set up, then you’re ready to read. Insert a story disc into the Moonlite. Clip the Moonlite onto your phone so that it sits right over your phone’s flashlight. You’ll know it’s aligned perfectly when you open a story in the app and can line up the pulsing bullseye to the one on the back of the clip. Turn the lens barrel until you get a clear projection, and make sure the projected image matches the first image in the app. Then start the story! The app plays music as you read the story aloud. Follow the on-screen prompts to turn the story disc counterclockwise to change the image and swipe left on your screen to turn the page.

The packaging can be reused as storage for your projector and story discs. In fact, each story disc compartment was designed to hold two story discs, so you can store up to nine discs inside one Gift Pack. (Additional story discs are sold separately.)

Moonlite Smartphone Storytime Projector

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We like how Moonlite changes up reading bedtime stories. This is almost like watching a movie but on your bedroom wall. And these Pixar and Disney stories are some of kids’ favorites. We also like that the app isn’t reading the story to your child, you are, so you’re still getting parent-child interaction, just without a physical book. This lightweight device also makes it easy to bring favorite bedtime stories on vacation. But you don’t have to wait until bedtime to read a Moonlite story. Just dim the lights and project your favorite story at any time of day.

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