MonsterVerse Titan Tech Godzilla and Kong Review

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Editor's Review

LEGENDS COLLIDE! These are in fact transforming versions of two of the most powerful forces of nature, that have taken over some of our worst nightmares.  

The monster war rages on the surface and deep within our world as the spectacular secret realm of the titans—known as the Hollow Earth—is revealed! Both Godzilla and King Kong stand  8-inches tall Titan Tech that transforms to reveal Monarch armor technology and are ready for the ultimate battle with each other and all Titans that stand in their way!

Simply, flip or turn body pieces around to reveal their Titan Tech battle armour. Then get ready to get some monster poses in since they do have minimal articulation. 

And let’s check out the attention to detail- for instance King Kong has fur texture all over and they even painted on the scars that are seen in the films. Or how about Godzilla’s design from the transparent dorsal fins and his reptile-like texture.

Price Check


Should I get it?

These are awesome for those who enjoy either character and transformers 3 and up! 


  • It’s an innovative concept
  • Great sculpted detail and
  • They both have some articulation for fun posing


Both are sold separately.

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