Monsterkins Plush Dusk and Vish Review

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Editor's Review

Monsterkins are Earth’s creation to help eat the plastic water bottles from land and sea. It may take almost five hundred years for plastic bottles to decompose, but Monsterkins can digest them in only two hours. They thrive on your plastic trash.

This is Vish! He can go anywhere and eat plastics from all sorts of human trash grounds.  His special eye can be stretched to see around the tightest of spaces finding meals that others miss.

And this is Dusk! This dark creature of the night is especially equipped for creeping around in the wilderness and in campsites undetected.  His ears allow him to hear a plastic bottle bouncing on the ground from afar.

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Should I get it?

These are great for kids ages 3 and up!


  • The company uses plastic bottles to make the stuffed animals
  • There are different ones to pick from
  • These are soft to the touch and
  • It’s a great way to teach kids about recycling


All are sold separately.

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