Monster Jam ThunderROARus Drop Review

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Editor's Review

The ThurderRoarus Drop requires a bit of simple assembly out of the box, and the instructions are fool-proof. The cardboard ramp is actually measured to the exact place where you need to stick the wall mounter. Oh, yes, this is installed on a wall, so make sure you have a suitable location before investing in this toy! Also, you’ll need to wait an hour for the adhesive to fully stick. Otherwise, construction is quite easy. 


Once done, you’ll have a massive downward slope, culminating in an absurdly cool ramp. You can also use the cardboard plane to make an optional landing ramp. The set comes with a special monster jam truck, decorated to match the fearsome mecha dino theme. Hook the back wheels into the teeth, rotate the crank to bring it up the slope, and once you reach the top, the teeth will unlatch and let gravity do the rest. Unlock the latch to slide the teeth up and down the slope, enabling you to drop the truck from great heights. The bottom of the ramp has a rotatable base, which gives you a standard ramp, and two spring loaded ones which flip the truck forward or sideways. Dropping the truck down the slope and off the ramp is very addictive! Try to land on the ramp, or set up your own obstacles and watch the truck sow chaos as it crashes into your constructions. Install 2 AAA batteries of your own into the dinosaur head to enable fearsome lights and sounds!

ThunderRoarus Drop

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Should I get it?

Oh my gosh, yes! This Monster Jam track is so much fun to both load up and launch. You can even introduce your own constructions to crash the monster truck into. We highly recommend this set.


  • It comes with a unique Monster Jam Truck.
  • Assembly is easy peasy.
  • The dropping height can be adjusted, and so can the ramp.
  • It has lights and sounds.
  • The aesthetic is just the coolest!


  • Batteries aren’t included.
  • It takes up a fair bit of space, so make sure you’re sure before you settle on a spot to install it.

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