Monster Jam Megalodon Monster Wash Playset Review

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Editor's Review

The Megalodon Monster Wash playset from Spin Master is a multi-stage track and car wash toy, complete with a special color-changing Megalodon 1:64 scale monster truck. The set is very hands-on, with players controlling all the action via cranks, knobs, and gears.

Stage one is a crank-operated spin cycle loop, which should be filled with warm water to make the truck change colors and appear clean. Step two is a conveyor belt with spinning brushes and gears, controlled via a knob. The third and final stage is a rotating platform where you can either ride off the exit display ramp, or plunge back into the mud pit filled with ice-cold water to get “dirty” again and repeat the process!

This set is compatible with other 1:64 scale trucks from the Monster Jam line.

Monster Jam Megalodon Monster Wash Playset

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Should I get it?

Absolutely! All of the mechanics of the set are self-directed, meaning the player makes all the action happen. The cool assembly line style of the track encourages repeat play and pretend, especially with different trucks (sold separately).

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