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Editor's Review

Instead of traveling around Atlantic City, the Monopoly Travel World Tour board game lets players visit exciting international destinations. In this version of Monopoly, buy destinations, complete travel goals, and stamp the dry-erase gameboard with your token stamper to win. 

To play the game (which comes in plastic-free packaging), you’ll need two to four players ages 8 and up. Play as a red Scottie dog, a purple T-Rex, a blue cat, or a green rubber duck. Roll the dice and move your token that number of spaces around the board. The Destination spaces are of famous tourist attractions, such as Stonehenge. If you land on one that isn’t owned, you can buy it by paying the amount shown on the space. If someone owns the space, you have to pay them a fee. 

Each destination’s Title Deed has a travel goal. This gives you a specific destination to visit, and if you eventually land on that destination, use your token as a stamper to stamp that board space. (The stamps easily wipe off the dry-erase board with a paper towel when the game is over.) If you’re the first to stamp four travel goals, you win!

There are no houses, hotels, utilities, or railroads in this version. But there still is Free Parking, and that’s where the golden travel ticket gets placed. The first player to land on Free Parking gets this ticket. This ticket allows that player to move to any destination space, but it can only be used one time by that one player.

This game also has Flight Spaces, which allow you to pay a fee to visit any destination, and Travel Insurance and Travel Guide spaces, which require a fee. Instead of Chance and Community Chest cards, there are Chance and Travel Journal cards. With Chance cards, you draw a card and do what it says. With Travel Journal cards, read the card, do what it says, and if there is an empty circle, stamp it. These stamps stay on the cards forever, awarding players extra money in future games. You’ll also find Go to Jail and Just Visiting spaces, and when you reach or pass Go, you get 200 Monopoly dollars from the bank.

The game comes with a dry-erase gameboard, four tokens with self-inking stamps, 22 Destination cards, 10 Chance cards, 10 Travel Journal cards, two dice, cardboard money, and a game guide.

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We are always fans of these new twists on classic Monopoly. If you’re a fan of Monopoly and travel, then you’ll like playing this new game. You’ll discover fun facts about the locations you visit, and it’s fun using the stamps to track where you’ve visited. This is a fun way to travel without leaving home, and we think it will be fun for your next family game night.


New twist on classic Monopoly
Learn fun facts about the locations you visit
Get to stamp the dry-erase game board
Fun family game



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