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Editor's Review

Monopoly and Scrabble are games that almost need no introduction. This is truly a Frankenstein’s monster of a board game, in the best way! The perimeter of the board is the Monopoly realm and the inner portion is the Scrabble zone. Who needs dice? Moving is based on word score, so play your best word at the start of your turn. Also, your money is no good here if you want to BUY a property. Instead, if you overlap a property square while playing your word, you can instantly obtain that property card! If any other player lands on that monopoly board space while you have it, then they must pay rent, just like Monopoly Classic. However, if a player plays their word on the scrabble square of a property you have, they take it from you!

Community and Chance cards are back, and they allow you to do things like pass go and collect 2000 big ones, (yes, 2000!) instantly collect a property from the bank or another player, or even go directly to jail. D’oh! Some things never change. One player must still be the banker, and metal tokens make a return as well, so while this is a totally tubular tandem of a game, there are enough familiar trimmings present to give you that nostalgic Monopoly charm, even with the seasoning of Scrabble.

Whoever has the most value, split amongst money and properties, once the last tile or valid word has been played, wins the game! Unlike Monopoly Classic, which leaves you at the mercy of the dice, Monopoly Scrabble gives you a bit more agency over your situation. Try to craft words that will let you move to the exact space you need, or sneakily play a word over an owned property square to snag it from a player. This greatly changes the dynamic of both games individually, and makes the strategy of their combination more than the sum of their parts.

Monopoly Scrabble

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Should I get it?

Definitely! More than just two games sewn together, Monopoly Scrabble is transformative, offering a different strategical experience than either game on their own.


  • The game mechanics of both games are largely preserved, but the same time, there are all-new rules and interactions which make this a fresh experience.
  • It’s slightly easier and more casual than classic Monopoly. Monopoly Scrabble helps some of the more noodley mechanics of Monopoly Classic go down smoother.


  • None!

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