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Editor's Review

Monopoly has always been a game that involves counting and simple math. Now with Monopoly Discover, those skills are amplified in two levels of gameplay for kids ages 4 and up. Level 1 focuses on counting and matching, while Level 2 focuses on reading and simple math.

The game board has two sides, one for each level. There are also two levels of Chance cards. The gameplay is pretty much the same as in regular Monopoly. Move around the board buying as many properties as you can, and paying rent to other players. But in Level 1, no one goes bankrupt. The game ends when the last property has been purchased, and then the player with the most properties wins. Kids need to pay more attention in Level 2 so they don’t go bankrupt. If a player runs out of money, the game ends, and the player with the most money wins.

Property spaces on the board run the gamut from favorite foods, such as pizza and ice cream, to fun activities, such as a swing set and a merry-go-round. Instead of going to jail, kids go to time out if they land on that space. And with Chance cards, kids get to move ahead on the game board, get out of time out for free, and even get properties for free.

In this version, kids get to play as one of six cute characters: pink cat, yellow duck, green dinosaur, blue penguin, orange car, and dark blue dog.

Monopoly Discover Board Game

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You might remember Monopoly Junior, which is Monopoly geared for younger players. This is kind of the same thing, except it grows with kids. We like that there are two levels of play so that younger kids can start out with Level 1 and then transition to Level 2 once they’re ready. Both levels are a great way to introduce kids to Monopoly and make the game a little easier and faster for younger kids.

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