Monopoly: Barbie Edition Review

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Editor's Review

Be anything, including a Monopoly player, when you play the Monopoly: Barbie Edition game. In this Barbie-themed game, travel around the board buying streets and building DreamHouses. Be the player with the most cash at the end to win!

You can choose from six pink game pieces: a Barbie bust, a high heel, a boat, a car, a roller skate, and a dog.

The game plays like regular Monopoly with a few variations. Each player chooses a Be Anything career card. Any time you roll a B, you get to use your career’s unique skill. For instance, if you’re a pilot, you get to add up to 5 to your standard die roll or collect 50 Monopoly dollars from the bank. 

As you move your playing piece around the board, you might land on streets. Each street space features an image of Barbie. If the street is unowned, you can buy it. If someone else owns it, you pay them rent. As soon as you own a color set, you can buy DreamHouses to build on each street. 

You might also land on a Transport space: Dream Boat, Dream Plane, Dream Camper, and Dream Convertible. These spaces allow you to move to any street between that Transport and the next one. 

And Dream Career and Dream Closet spaces are the new Community Chest and Chance spaces. These cards let you experience iconic Barbie jobs and fashion moments. You might collect extra money because you opened a surf shop or you might have to pay money because you bought a bunch of clothing from a local designer. 

Familiar spaces of Free Parking, Go to Jail, Jail/Just Visiting, and Go are still there, and you still collect 200 Monopoly dollars when you pass Go. 

The game includes a gameboard, six tokens, six Be Anything cards, 16 Title Deed cards, 16 Dream Career cards, 16 Dream Closet cards, 16 DreamHouses, two dice, and a money pack. You can play the game with two to six players ages 8 and up.

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Should I get it?

If you’re a Barbie fan and you also love playing Monopoly, then you’ll really enjoy the this mash-up. The playing pieces are clever, and the scenarios on the cards are entertaining. We like that the game incorporates Barbie careers, giving the classic gameplay a bit of a twist. 


Pink playing pieces
Classic Monopoly gameplay
Barbie careers add twist to gameplay
Lots of Barbie imagery for fans



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