Monopoly 85th Anniversary, Monopoly Bid, Monopoly Disney Villains, and Monopoly Pixar Review

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The Monopoly 85th Anniversary Edition game features premium packaging and eight golden tokens: a racecar, sunglasses, a yacht, a bowtie, a jet, a helicopter, a wristwatch, and a top hat. To add to the glitz and glamour, the property spaces on the board have a glittery look with a big 85th anniversary logo in the center. However, the game plays the same as the original.

For a different way to play, try Monopoly Disney Villains. In this game, you’re not buying properties, you’re hiring villains in a race to see who can be the most wicked. Play as Cruella, Jafar, Scar, the Evil Queen, Maleficent, or Hook, and activate your character’s special power, such as stealing money from another player, whenever you pass Go and take the Flames of Power. All of the property spaces are now Villains, and once you hire all the villains in a color set, you can build Thickets and Lairs and charge more rent. Vehicle spaces on the board allow you to move to any property space, and Poison Apple cards let you steal coins or make another player skip his turn. And instead of regular Utilities, there are now Spells and Potions.

Disney fans might also like the Monopoly Pixar game. You get to play as an iconic Pixar movie symbol: the Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story, Carl’s house from Up, the Pixar ball, the Pixar lamp, Coco’s guitar, and the boot plant from Wall-E. In this version, you’re buying familiar Pixar movie locations and objects in an attempt to own a whole color set and then build Cozy Cone motels or Al’s Toy Barns. Earth Pass and Andy’s Toy Chest spaces replace Chance and Community Chest, while Al’s Apartment and Cone of Shame are Utilities.

You can also play Monopoly as a card game with Monopoly Bid. Play this quick-playing game in rounds, with each player getting a turn as auction host. When it’s time to bid on a property, players secretly choose how much money they want to spend, and then lay down their money cards after a count of three. Whoever put down the most money wins the property. If you collect three property sets first, you win. Watch out for Wild cards that help you make a color set faster, Draw 2 cards, Steal cards that allow you to steal any one property or Wild card, and Nope cards that cancel any action card.

Monopoly 85th Anniversary, Monopoly Bid, Monopoly Disney Villains, and Monopoly Pixar

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Any of these Monopoly games will be fun for fans of Monopoly. If you enjoy the classic play and want a version that celebrates the 85th anniversary, then you’ll like the commemorative anniversary edition. If you’re a fan of Disney and Pixar, then you’ll like seeing familiar characters and places as you play those themed games. And for a faster way to play where nobody has to be the banker, Monopoly Bid will be the perfect addition to your game night.

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