Mōmi Baby Bottle Review

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Editor's Review

If you’re looking for a new bottle to feed your little one with, then look no further than the Momi Bottle 1-Bottle Starter Set.  The momi comes with three different nipple speeds: slow, medium, and fast. The skin-soft silicone of the nipple is designed to stretch and pull to mimic a mother’s breast. Its anti-colic vents help to reduce gassiness, regurgitation, and discomfort. It has patented baby pacing technology that compresses to 80% diameter with less than 1 pound of force, which means the baby can easily stop the flow of milk. By slowing the pace of feeding it helps tire the baby out and avoids overfeeding. The nipple has a single duct running through it so it allows your baby to regulate the flow of milk with their tongue, which mimics breastfeeding. The momi is easy to put the together as it only has three components: the bottle, nipple, and collar. The five ounce bottle base comes in glass or BPA-free plastic. We liked how thick the nipple was as it was much different than a regular nipple. Our baby definitely had to work a little harder for the milk, but we felt like he had less air bubbles. It would just be a bit better if the design was thinner so it could fit in more warmers and in our bag when we had to travel. 

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If you don’t mind the strange shape of the bottle, then this is the perfect bottle for breastfed or formula fed babies.


  • It’s easy for babies to latch onto the nipple as it mimics breastfeeding.
  • It helps your baby have less air bubbles as they feed.


  • It doesn’t really fit in the bottle warmers very well.
  • It’s an odd shape to fit in the pocket of a diaper bag. 

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