Misfittens Series 2 Review

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Editor's Review

Inspired by the hashtag I Fits, I Sits, series 2 of Misfittens features silly cats who like to squeeze themselves into tight spaces, like the container that each plush kitten comes in! You need to help them get “meowt”. There are 12 to collect in this series, and you won’t know who you’ve got until you open the container. Each one is stuck inside a can of Fishfetti Furrrosting. Remove the lid and pull the cat out by its tail. You’ll be surprised at how big these cats actually are. Fluff it up and then check out who you got on the collector’s guide.

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These collectible cats are super soft and super cute. And it’s a super surprise not only to see which character you’re getting but also to see how big the Misfittens actually are! How did it squeeze inside that can? This makes a fun gift for young cat lovers or any kid who likes unboxing toys.


Surprise unboxing

Plush cats are super soft and cuddly

Imaginative play



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