Misfittens Get Meowt! Series 1 Plush Review

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Editor's Review

These curious Misfits have squeezed and squished themselves into meme-ishly tiny spots- thus come in the unboxing fun! Each container has some of their tail out which is a fun way to grab a hold of them. Misfittens are made with soft, squishable material that is easy to squeeze and stuff into the tiniest of spaces! You’ll then rescue your Misfits from their containers and watch them puff back up to DOUBLE IN SIZE! There are 12 Misfittens to collect, each with their own special fur colors and personalities that make them unique. Each Misfit plush comes squeezed into 1 of 8 fun containers and includes a collector’s guide with more information on your silly new pet.

Misfittens Get Meowt! Series 1 Plush

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Should I get it?

This is ideal for kids ages 4 years and up!


  • There are 12 to collect
  • These are soft and super squish-able
  • Trade with friends
  • You can’t tell which kitty you’ll get from the packaging
  • Easy to take on the go


  •  It’s unboxing, so you may get the same kitty again

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