Miraculous Switch ‘N Go Scooter Review

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Editor's Review

Now you can have the transforming powers that Ladybug has! First let’s check out her new Lucky Charms superhero outfit of alternating red and black patterns. Ladybug also has many points of articulation allowing for fun posing on and off her scooter! Transform the secret Ladybug pod into her signature red and black Lucky Charm scooter, for fast superhero action—the baddies definitely won’t get away this time!

Miraculous Switch 'N Go Scooter

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Should I get it?

This is perfect fun for any fan of any age, as long as they’re over 4 years of age!


  • Ladybug comes dressed in her new outfit
  • A couple accessories are included
  • Kids can reenact fun scenes from the Netflix show
  • All the articulation makes for fun superhero posing


  • The transforming feature isn’t as fluid as we’d like it to be

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