Miniverse Make It Mini Food Cafe Series and Diner Series Review

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Editor's Review

Enter the Miniverse and make your own cute toy replicas of favorite snacks and desserts. There are two Miniverse series: Cafe Series and Diner Series. Each ball comes with realistic mini “ingredients” and kitchen accessories to whip up a mini pretend food. Display your collectibles on the capsule ball or on the included accessory piece. You won’t know what food you get to make until you unbox the ball. 

There are 18 recipes to collect in the Cafe Series. There’s everything from cereal and breakfast foods to bubble tea and coffee. There are another 18 recipes to collect in the Diner Series. These recipes include milkshakes, pancakes, pies, and more. Keep track of your mini food collection on the collector’s guides. Instructions for how to make your mini foods are on the back of the guide. You may find yourself using mini tongs to pick up mini blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries for a berry salad in the Cafe Series or layering strawberries on top of toast in the Diner Series. In both series, you’ll use a special resin glaze to glue the ingredients together, and leave your food to sit in a sunny spot for at least five minutes to help the resin harden. Then you’re ready to display and play.

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The food ingredients are really cute, and kids will like unboxing each capsule to find out what’s inside. There’s a little bit of roleplay here, as kids pretend to be chefs cooking up delicious foods for their customers. And, of course, the play doesn’t stop once the food has been created. You can add your mini foods to the creative play with your other toys. The only thing we didn’t like was that removing the plastic wrap from the balls was hard, and some of the mini ingredients were hard to open, too. Another thing to remember: none of this is edible! These are pretend ingredients and foods!


Surprise unboxing

18 recipes to collect in each series

Encourages roleplay

Display mini food collections

Imaginative play 


Difficulty unwrapping the plastic & opening some of the ingredients

Takes time to wait for the resin to dry

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