Miniverse Make It Mini Food Cafe and Diner Series 2 Review

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Editor's Review

If you liked making the breakfast and desserts from Miniverse Series 1, then get ready for all-new recipes to replicate with Miniverse Cafe and Diner Series 2. 

There are 24 recipes to collect in the Cafe Series, and another 24 to collect in the Diner Series. Each one comes with mini kitchen accessories and realistic packaging, such as faux soup cans and mason jars. In the Cafe Series, you’ll be making mini versions of cakes, cookies, soups, and more. While in the Diner Series, you’ll make mini versions of pizza, cakes, ravioli, and more. Keep track of your mini food collections on the collector’s guide. Turn over the collector’s guides for instructions on how to make your mini food. Essentially, you’ll put the food pieces together and then pour a special resin glaze on top to keep it all together. That glaze needs to sit in a sunny spot for at least five minutes to harden before you can display and play with your mini food.

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Should I get it?

It’s such a fun surprise to unbox all the mini food and tools. Making the recipes encourages roleplay, but there’s still a lot of play with these mini food replicas after they’ve been made. They look great on display, but kids will definitely want to use their creations for creative play with their other toys. 


24 new Cafe recipes
24 new Diner recipes
Surprise unboxing
Mini food and tools are so cute
Creative play


Takes time for the resin to harden
Can get messy

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