Miniland ECO Big Sensory Ball Review

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Editor's Review

Looking for a new toy that engages your baby’s senses and keeps them entertained for hours? Then look no further than the Miniland ECO Big Sensory Ball.  For ages 6 months and up, this toy comes with one large ball and four small balls: a red ball with striped grooves, an orange ball with small divots, a green spiky ball, and a brow ball with horizontal grooves. The balls are made of eco friendly natural rubber and are easily disinfectable by using wipes to clean them. The balls enhance sensory stimulation, both visual and tactile, with their colors and textures and helps your baby develop their fine motor skills by allowing them to grip and throw the balls. The balls also enhance sensory stimulation, both visual and tactile, as your baby engages with their colors and textures. If your baby is currently teething, these balls are perfect for them to chew on to soothe their gums. Riley really enjoyed the different textures of the balls and used the green and brown textured balls as teethers. The one issue we had with this set problem was we had to push down semi hard to get the small balls to stay inside the bigger ball and Riley doesn’t understand how to do that action by himself yet. 

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Should I get it?

Yes, but I believe this would be better suited for a 9m+ child.


  • The balls are great sensory toys
  • Can be used for teething babies
  • Allows your baby to develop their fine motor skills. 


  • If you get this for your 6 month old, they won’t be able to really interact with putting the balls in the holes until they are a bit older. 

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