Miniland Dolls with Down Syndrome Review

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Editor's Review

Miniland’s diverse lineup of baby dolls promotes the value of equality regardless of race, gender, or condition. This is why the company has introduced baby dolls with Down Syndrome. The Caucasian Girl with Down Syndrome and the African Girl with Down Syndrome are just two of the Down Syndrome baby dolls in the collection, which also includes other ethnicities and hair colors. Both 15-inch dolls wear knit underwear, and their soft-vinyl bodies have a vanilla scent. You can pose the dolls so that they sit, stand, or lie down. The African doll has curly black hair, while the Caucasian doll has short brown hair and wears a pair of glasses. Both dolls are also anatomically correct. Additional doll clothes are sold separately. 

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These baby dolls are really well made, and we love their soft vanilla scent. They will inspire a lot of nurturing roleplay. This diverse doll lineup gives every kid a chance to see themselves represented in the toy aisle and helps kids explore social skills such as empathy and tolerance.


Soft vanilla scent
Dolls are poseable
Encourage nurturing roleplay
More diversity to the doll aisle



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