Mini Mix or Match Dinosaurs and Micro Mix or Match Vehicles Review

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Editor's Review

If you like vehicles or dinosaurs or both, then you’ll love mixing and matching their pieces with Micro Mix or Match Vehicles and Mini Magnetic Mix or Match Dinos. There are different ways to collect these construction toys. The vehicles come in four-packs and nine-packs, while the dinosaurs come in four-packs and eight-packs. 

Vehicles include planes, trucks, boats, helicopters, and more. Each vehicle comes apart in three pieces, and you can mix and match the fronts, middles, and backs to create your own unique vehicles. Pieces easily snap together and easily pull apart. In just one package, there are thousands of assembly combinations, and the more you collect, the more you can create.

Dinosaurs include Brontosaurus, Pterodactyl, and more. Each four-pack includes four different dinosaurs, and the eight-pack is actually a combination of all the dinosaurs from both of the four-packs. The dinosaur pieces are magnetic. You can remove heads and feet, and then easily mix and match the pieces to create brand-new dinosaurs. With each package, there are more than 100 combinations to build.

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It’s very easy to mix and match the vehicles and dinosaurs in these sets. Kids will have fun taking them apart and putting them together in new ways each time they play. This inspires creative play and storytelling. 


Easy to mix and match the pieces

Inspires creative play

Silly fun



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