Minecraft Potion Bottle, Redstone Ore, Diamond Ore and Torch Collectible Replicas Review

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Editor's Review

Now, we must stress, these are meant to be replicas, moreso than toys! They’re well made for sure, but they’re meant for a gentle hand and for display. All four replicas boast a light up feature activated by touch, which will require 3 of your own AAA batteries to work. Before we test that out though, let’s admire the look of each object on their own. For consideration, we have the Torch, Potion, Redstone Ore and Diamond Ore. Each replica is amazing looking! From a distance, they have the true pixelated look from the Minecraft game, but up close, wow! There is a fine level of sculpted in detail, especially in the ore blocks and torch, which have a bit of weathering and wood grain respectively. The bottle is smooth and translucent, except for the cork, which is real cork! Seriously, so cool! This added layer of detail on each replica gives it a truly uncanny feel, in a good way. 


Once you install the batteries, simply touch on a specific point to activate the light. Touch any surface of the ore, the wooden handle for the torch, and the cork topper for the bottle. The bottle can cycle through five different colors with repeated taps. The ore can either slowly pulse or remain fully lit. The torch light is animated to imitate a live flame, and not only that, the torch holds one more secret. It can be displayed upright of course, but fold down the corner to reveal a wall hanger. This way it can be displayed at an angle on the wall. Absolutely amazing!

Minecraft Potion Bottle Noble Collection

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Should I get it?

We highly recommend these excellent replicas. no matter whether you like visual fidelity to the source material or fine detailm there is something here for you.


  • They simultaneously look great as replicas from afar and up close.
  • They have multiple display options that are super easy to control.
  • They’re touch activated, which is a real crowd-pleasing feature. 


  • Batteries aren’t included.

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