Minecraft Overworld Protector Playset Review

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Editor's Review

The Overworld Protector Playset is a papercraft activity that lets you build your own Minecraft world. The paper quality is nice and thick, and the printing is of excellent quality, very sharp. Assembly requires you to follow instructions and fold in the correct areas. It’s nothing too complicated though, just follow the instructions and you’ll be fine. If you want the forms to be perfectly cubic, you may need to google some pro papercraft tips to help you, like pre-folding along certain creases. The Overworld Protector figure is the highlight of the set. It’s delightfully abstract and weird, exuding a strange and delightful charm. Take a look at the fine detail, and you can see a gradient of land to sky, topped off with a planetary cranium. Talk about head in the clouds!

Our reviewer was torn on this set. There is a notable dearth of accessories for the Overworld Guardian, and a couple more papercraft sheets with different terrain, representing another biome, seems like a missed opportunity. In our reviewer’s opinion, he believes the asking price of 29.99 is slightly pricy. To reiterate, the paper stock is thick and quality, as is the image printing, but it is paper, and requires proper caution to make it last a long time. If you factor in the activity of making the set as part of the price, then it’s a bit more fair. The decision is ultimately yours.

Minecraft Overworld Protector Playset

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Papercraft is generally a fun activity. But having it as the main event of a set, alongside other, more robust products from same franchise and manufacturer, leaves this product open to scrutiny. The Planet Protector action figure is very fun, however!

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