Minecraft Creator Series Figure Assortment Review

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Editor's Review

For review today, we have the Mount Enderwood Yeti Scare set, Swamp Monster set, Moth Creature Set, Puppy Purse figure, Ripped Jeans figure, and letterman jacket figure. All of the figures share the same articulation points at the arms, legs and head, which are accurate to the source material of the game. The head and arms can rotate and can be pulled out slightly for a bit more diagonal range. The big feature of the creator series is the interchangeable costumes. Slip on the sleeves and legs, connect the torso pieces together over the chest, and finish the look off with the headgear. Other than the illusion being broken slightly when moving the arms, these costumes do a great job of changing up the figure’s fashion without compromising the articulation or size. Not only do all the costume pieces fit well, the accessories do to! Held accessories hold in their hand very securely, and also don’t meaningfully disrupt articulation. The level of detail is hard to evaluate, since the look of Minecraft is pretty minimal by nature, but the toys honestly look like they’ve been taken right out of the game, so we say job well done on paint and sculpt.

Minecraft Creator Series Yeti Scare

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Young Minecraft fans will love these toys! They look like they were taken right out of the screen, and the interchangeable costumes help approximate the level of customization available in the game. It’s fun and easy to switch out costumes!


  • The figures look just like the source material.
  • The painting and sculpting are precise and clean.
  • The articulation is minimal, but is one-to-one accurate with the video game.
  • The costume changing gimmick is fun to mess with.


  • None!

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