Miami and Rome 1000 Piece Puzzles Review

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Editor's Review

Travel the world through puzzles with new 1,000-piece puzzles from eeBoo that bring Miami and Rome straight to your home. Each puzzle depicts a beautifully illustrated must-see tourist site. For Miami, it’s the beach! Check out this puzzle’s bright colors that depict the ocean, sun, dancing, driving, and more. For Rome, it’s all the city’s historic sites. See how many you can name, from the Colosseum and Vatican to a Vespa and a gelateria.

On the back of each puzzle box, you can scan a QR code to access an artist’s playlist. While you puzzle, listen to the music that the puzzle’s artist listened to while creating the puzzle image. Each puzzle measures 23 x 23 inches when finished.

Miami and Rome 1000 Piece Puzzles

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If you’ve got a bit of wanderlust but can’t get to Miami or Rome right now, these puzzles are the next best thing. Listening to the artists’ playlists adds a fun element while puzzling, and the finished puzzles look great for display. No matter how long it takes you to put together all 1,000 pieces, if you like puzzles and great artwork, then you’ll enjoy the process with these puzzles.

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