Merritt Portable Playard Suite Review

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Editor's Review

The Merritt Playard has breathable mesh panels and a comfortable mattress.

The adjustable bassinet is perfect for newborns.

The changing station is a great addition to help with diaper changes.

It comes with a large diaper caddy that fits all baby essential items. It has a support base for wipes, cream, and other items you may need. It is so large that you can also use it to keep a change of clothes, toys, and pacifiers handy.

To assemble it simply remove the mattress pad, and push down the center hub until you hear all corners click lock. Then place the mattress and secure it with the straps.

Merritt Portable Playard Suite

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The playard easily folds in a snap! All you have to do is remove the mattress and pull up the strap on the center of its floor, pulling in each corner and folding it towards the center. Then, wrap the mattress around the playard and it’s easy to be packed. The storage bag has a backpack style so carrying it will not be a problem.

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