Mermaid High Finly, Searra, Oceanna, and Mari Dolls Review

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Dive into the world of Mermaid High where best friends Finly, Searra, Oceanna, and Mari are making a splash. Each of the four dolls wears a mermaid tail, but because they’re actually hiding their mermaid-ness at school, you can remove the tails to turn the characters into humans.

Mari has a rocker-chic look with chains adorning her tail. Her tank top has some black mesh and goes perfectly with her school outfit of tweed and faux leather skirt, knee-high socks, and purple platforms. She accessorizes with purple sunglasses and a circular black purse. We love the octopus tentacle headband in her purple hair.

Oceanna’s surfwear top is very colorful to match her equally bright mermaid tail. But when it’s time for school, she pairs the top with a neon skirt and performance sneakers. Her look is complete with a gym bag, sunglasses, and seashell headphones in her blue hair.

Searra’s glittery fin has pearly polka dots on it, and her glittery gold halter top matches her glam personality. For school, pair the top with the pleather ruffled skirt, knee-high socks, and clamshell platforms. She accessorizes with sunglasses, a pearly purse, a pearl bracelet, and a white hair clip in her brown hair, which has pink streaks.

And then there’s Finly in a multi-colored mermaid tail with shimmery scales and a boho sleeve top. She changes into boho fringe shorts and orange platforms for school, keeping her orange headpiece in her blonde orange-streaked hair. Sunglasses and a fringey purse complete the look.

Each doll also comes with a comb for hair play, a Mermaid High student ID card, and a shell that will reveal a surprise fashion accessory when you drop it in warm water. The shell then doubles as a laptop for the doll.

Mermaid High Finly, Searra, Oceanna, and Mari Dolls

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These dolls are all based on the Mermaid High YouTube series, so they’ll be a lot of fun for kids who are watching the webisodes. However, any kid who likes mermaids and playing with fashion dolls will have fun with these dolls. We like that each doll comes with a mermaid tail and a school outfit so that kids can play out the transformation from the show. Kids will also like the surprise accessory unboxing from the shell.

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