MEGA Pokemon Pixel Building Sets Review

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Editor's Review

These MEGA sets fully embrace tile and mosaic art, which is a naturally good fit for the Pokemon menu sprites used from Gen 3 onward. There’s something so iconic about these, and we’re delighted at the prospect of having a physical version to display like art!

First though, you’ve gotta build them. Each set is anywhere between 350 to 400 pieces, and they’ll take you roughly half an hour to build individually. It’s a really relaxing and meditative craft activity, and you can tell that great consideration was given to the process as well as the final product. A part separator is included in case you make a flub, the box has indents to store sorted tiles as you work, and you also get a tile straightener to make sure all your pixel tiles are perfectly square. Seriously, the builds are so breezy, you’ll almost be bummed when it’s over.

But that feeling will quickly pass and be replaced with joy when you notice the final product! The transparent base helps stabilize the piece, allowing you to easily display it on any shelf. The sets are big enough to easily admire the details, (for want of a more apt term), but small enough to easily display multiple on your desk or wall. Oh yeah, remember that part separator? You can use it to make a wall mount! The black border around each set helps each character really pop. These pixel art sets are fun to build, fun to display, and most of all, fun to look at. Gotta build em all!

Pikachu MEGA pixel set

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Should I get it?

We think this new line of building sets is a home run idea in concept and execution. We highly encourage you to pick your favorite of the 4 launch Pokemon and spend an afternoon building a set yourself!


  • The building process is fun and relaxing.
  • There are several cool quality of life features to make the build process as enjoyable as possible.
  • There are display options for the finished set.
  • They look amazing! Super colorful and accurate to the original sprite art.


  • None!

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