MEGA Motion Butterfree Review

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Editor's Review

MEGA Motion Butterfree is 582 pieces and will take you a couple hours or more to build. Definitely don’t rush with this set, as the build is very particular and precise in the beginning. Go slow and steady to make sure the movement mechanism works properly later on. Overall though, it’s a fun and entertaining build, and everything fits together securely.

The set is pleasantly compact with a gray square plaque base and some greenery on top. The foliage and rock part of the base is asymmetrical, which makes it look dynamic and true to nature! Of course, Butterfree is here too, and looking very accurate to the source material, proportions, color, it’s all there. You’ll find poseability at the feet, hands and head. The head can move up and down, and tilt very slightly, but tilt too much and the head will  pop off. Thankfully, it’s simple enough to place it back on. Finally, there is a crank that flaps Butterfree’s wings when spun. Butterfree’s body moves up and down while flapping its wings, and the plants swish under the imaginary wind of its flaps. The crank moves very smoothly, due to the mechanism not being very heavy.

Mega Motion Butterfree 780 x 780

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Should I get it?

This set is very cute and wholesome. Pokémon fans tend to have their favorites, but if you know any bug type fanatics, or enjoyers of building toys, this is an excellent set to get as a gift.


  • It’s aesthetically beautiful and very cute.
  • The construction and pieces are such that you forget it’s made of bricks at times.
  • The movement mechanic is smooth as can be.
  • There’s also a small bit of poseability.


  • The head can detach if you’re not careful.

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