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Editor's Review

The Forest Pokémon Center is 648 Pieces and will take you about 2+ hours to build at a leisurely pace. The build is on the upper level of easy. It’s pleasant and not too hard, but there are bumps where you’ll have to focus on assembling things in a very precise manner to make sure it all comes together, such as the main rotating dowel that controls the movement gimmick. 


Once done, you’ll have the main building and a bit of greenery out front, plus 4 Pokémon figures, Pikachu, Eevee, Togepi, and the mascot of Pokémon Centers, the loveable Chancey. The figures all do a good job representing the characters, with some slight liberties taken with proportions, but nothing too major. Eevee and Pikachu in particular have a good amount of articulated areas. As for the Pokémon center itself, It’s very well detailed! The building is adorned with windows that let you see inside from a low angle, the exterior has a nice cornerstone brick pattern and a lush green path with all sorts of variation in color and topography. Spin the dial on top to open the sliding glass doors. There is no roof, so you can see a top-down view no problem. The set is also fastened with clips, so the display can unfold into a sort of cross section. With this display mode, you can more easily appreciate the details like the sofa, treat counters, reception  desk, and Pokémon healing machine. Plug Chansey, Pikachu and Eeevee into specific display plates and then rotate the crank to activate the motion feature. The Pokémon will hop and sway to welcome you into the Pokémon center. It’s so sweet and cute it’s almost too much! You can take one of the three Pokéballs on the counter, load it into the healing machine and watch as it spins when you turn the crank.


This set isn’t the biggest, but it packs in a lot of play features and value, thanks in big part to the 4 Pokémon figures. Togepi can’t peg into any studs because of how they’re built, but that’s okay, they can stand just fine. An optional roof would have been a nice addition to include, but it’s not a huge deal.

MEGA Pokemon Forest Center

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Should I get it?

We highly recommend the Forest Pokémon Center set for fans of the series both young and old. Display options are numerous, as are the pretend play possibilities!


  • It’s an easy build but with some satisfyingly tricky moments to craft.
  • It comes with 4 A-list Pokemon figures.
  • It’s incredibly well detailed both inside and out.
  • The motion gimmick works really well!
  • There’s also plenty of options with how to display and play.


  • There is no roof, which we think would have been a nice additional option to include.

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