MEGA Construx Hot Wheels Rodger Dodger Construction Set Review

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Editor's Review

The MEGA Hot Wheels Rodger Dodger is 1011 pieces and will take you 2-3 hours to build. The building process is very enjoyable, filled with careful and intricate assembly, illustrated by very clear instructions. The build comes together quite solidly, and results in a sturdy final contraction that looks as good as it feels to handle. The car has an excellent weight to it, not too heavy, not too light. Most of the body is composed of metallic flake black pieces, and light pearlescent gray pieces for the bumpers. The 8 ball insignias and Hot Wheels logo are printed very cleanly and are fairly scratch-resistant. Clear parts can be found on the head and rear lights. Open the smooth hinged doors to reveal the interior, complete with full seating, a dashboard, console with cupholders, gas and brake pedals, posable stick shift, and steering wheel. The light coffee color pairs extremely well with the black of the car body. All of this detail is so lovely, it’s a shame that we can’t get a top-down view once the build is complete! In this way, the lack of a windshield is welcome as a way to admire the inner detail, but it’s simultaneously strange as a missing detail. For more play features, you can open the hinged trunk to reveal nitrous canisters, and easily pry off a section of the hood to access the beautiful engine block. Lastly, you get an actual Hot Wheels car replica of the Rodger Dodger and a buildable base. The Hot Wheels car has 1 of 10 hidden 8 ball messages on the bottom.

MEGA Construx Hot Wheels Rodger Dodger Construction Set

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Should I get it?

Definitely pick this set up if you’re an avid MEGA builder, or a racing car enthusiast. The build is a joy to complete, and the final product is of excellent quality.


  • The build is super enjoyable.
  • The looks are top tier.
  • It’s packed with a high amount of detail.
  • It has several excellent play features.
  • The set comes with a special bonus Hot Wheels car!


  • The lack of a windshield.
  • The lack of an easily removable car roof, making it harder to admire the lovely inner detail.

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