MEGA Construx Halo Universe UNSC Falcon Sweep Set Review

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Editor's Review

The UNSC Falcon Sweep is 748 pieces and will take you 2-3 hours to build. The building process is easy and enjoyable, so you’ll more than likely do it in one sitting. The body is made up mostly of a dark olive green with black detailing and pearlescent gray accents here and there. The green pieces have a bit of marbling in them, but since it’s a dark color, it doesn’t show very much. When you do notice it, it’s vaguely reminiscent of camo. The propeller blades can rotate forward and back, and the cockpit can open and house one of the 6 included Spartan figures. The Spartan figures are very well detailed and have great articulation for being so small. In addition to the cockpit, you can seat them inside the cabin of the Falcon, or at the blaster seats on either end. One of the coolest features is the articulated points on the blasters, which, coupled with the brilliant arm articulation on the figures, let you aim the blaster any way you wish, while having the figure still maintain a good grip. Adjust the landing gear and display it on your shelf. To help set the scene even more, you get a barricade, UNSC container, and plenty of blasters for your spartans to hold. This set has it all, from sturdiness, to play features, and accessories!

MEGA Construx Halo Universe UNSC Falcon Sweep Set

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The build does not overstay its welcome, the final product is full of play features, and it looks excellent all built up.

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