Mega Chomp RC Shark Review

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Editor's Review

The Mega Chomp RC Shark requires 6 AA batteries, which you’ll need to provide yourself. This RC has a very striking presence. It’s a quintessential cartoony shark, with angry painted eyes, a well-airbrushed mouth, painted gums and teeth, a gaping maw, and a matte finish across the whole body. The tail is segmented, and can swing back and forth with ease. Flip the switch on both the shark, and controller to get started.

The controller looks unorthodox at first. Where exactly are the controls? Well, rather than having buttons to press, this controller has panels to slide. Slide up and down on the left shark body to go forward and back, and slide left and right on the right-hand fins to turn. The RC has a decent speed, but it’s still slow enough to where you feel comfortable at the controls. Steering feels snappy, and your turning radius is fairly tight. That being said, our copy tends to veer right slightly. It’s not terribly off, but it is worth noting. The shark’s tail will swish back and forth to simulate swimming, and its mouth will chomp up and down to munch on any unsuspecting toys or feet. Aiming can get a little tricky due to the right-leaning controls, but hopefully you won’t have that issue. The controls can also take some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, the sliding panels feel very satisfying to handle. Good luck sneaking up on anyone though; like most RCs, the Mega Chomp Shark makes a fair bit of noise.

MEGA Chomp RC Shark

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Should I get it?

This RC has plenty of novelty and charm to set it apart from the rest. Pick one up for any young shark fanatic!


  • Paintwork, sculpt, and detailing are all well done, it has a nice speed without being too unwieldy.
  • It chomps and thrashes while it moves, adding to play immersion.
  • The controls, while tricky at first, end up feeling very satisfying to play around with.


  • Lack of included batteries.
  • Our copy had a tendency to veer right, making aiming at targets a bit tough.

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