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Editor's Review

Moms and dads aren’t the only ones who need to get their “Om” on. With the Meditation Mouse, toddlers and preschoolers can practice calming meditation, too. This plush mouse is seated in what looks like a cross-legged position with its arms stretched out at its sides. Wearing pajamas with a sleeping cloud on them, the mouse has its eyes closed, ready to be soothed to sleep.

For nighttime meditation, there are three stages of prompts and sounds. Squeeze the mouse’s belly to start stage 1 with three minutes of physical prompts, encouraging children to follow the directions (to lie down and take a deep breath, for instance) to relax their bodies. Stage 2 follows with three minutes of breathing prompts. And then Meditation Mouse goes to stage 3, which is 14 minutes of soothing sounds or music to help children drift off to sleep. There are four sound options to choose from: Ocean Waves, Nature, White Noise, or Music. Select your desired sound by toggling the switch on the toy’s battery pack.

As Meditation Mouse talks and plays sounds, its belly lights up with a calming amber light. You do have the option to turn off the light by toggling the switch on the battery pack.

Meditation Mouse can also be used for daytime meditation. In this mode, squeezing the mouse’s belly activates three minutes of guided meditation, especially helpful during those big-emotion moments that toddlers and preschoolers so often have.

You can also switch the toy to Sounds Only mode to listen to 20 minutes of sounds or music.

Meditation Mouse

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Listening to this mouse is so soothing, even for adults. But it’s kids who will like cuddling up with this mouse at bedtime thanks to its soothing words, sounds, and music, plus its soft and satiny textures. Because the toy sits up on its own, you can easily place it on a child’s dresser as a nightlight and sound machine, or kids can sleep with the mouse. There is a battery pack inside the toy, but it really doesn’t take away from the softness and huggability of the toy.

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