Meccano Junior RC Police Car Review

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Editor's Review

The RC Police Car comes with 73 parts, a CHA-SEE, two tools, two sticker sheets, an instruction sheet, and an easy-to-use controller, perfect for kids and beginners. Snap the nuts onto the parts to make them lock and use the bolts to hold the pieces together.

Choose from the two different sets of stickers to fully customize your vehicle, beware that kids may need some assistance to place the stickers on correctly. 

Then use the controller to drive in forward and reverse and steer left and right! Lift the trunk up and down and stow action figures or other toys inside. When you’re done building you can start driving your vehicle around! You’ll be able to  control the car from up to 100 feet!

For more ways to build and play, the RC Police Car’s chassis can mix and match with other Meccano Junior sets.

As kids assemble their RC, they’ll learn how principles from science, technology, engineering, an

This isn’t just a simple car to race around this is a building experience for your child to explore and feel a sense of achievement once completed.

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Should I get it?

This is great for kids ages 5 and up! 


  • The instructions are well laid out and simple enough to follow
  • The car has a fully opening boot
  •  Perfect introduction to model kits and
  • Kids will be getting some of that STEM education in



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