Maxx Action 2-N-1 Dig Rig & Truck and Dino Trailer Review

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Editor's Review

The Maxx Action 2-N-1 Dig Rig is the perfect choice getting down and dirty as this bad boy features real scooping action. Use the levers to dig up dirt, toys, and more. Lift materials into the bed of the rig and dump it out. Measuring over 18 inches long, this vehicle can take on the toughest tasks. Activate the electronic sounds and LED lights as you push the buttons and pull the levers. Hear 5 different sounds and see 6 bright lights including realistic construction noises, a rumbling engine and cool reverse sounds. Push buttons to activate a motorized engine for hauling material to a new destination. The vehicle can go forwards and backwards across the roughest terrain and the large tires can roll over sand, dirt, gravel or carpet.

The Maxx Action Truck and Dino Trailer features LED lights and sounds. It has a friction Motor and the detachable cab can stand alone or pull the transport. Just push the vehicle forward, then let go to watch the vehicle roll! The treaded rubber tires really spin, enhancing imaginative play. The detailed dinosaur figure is transported safely by cage. Lift the gate of the cage to load and unload the dino. It clicks firmly into place on the vehicle until it’s time to run wild!

Maxx Action 2-N-1 Dig Rig & Truck and Dino Trailer

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Both vehicles offer plenty of play features, so the fun never stops!

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