Matchbox MBX Electric Drivers 12-Pack and 5-Pack Die Cast Cars Review

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Editor's Review

The modus operandi behind this collection of Matchbox cars is sustainable manufacturing. The packaging for the 5-Pack is made from completely recycled material, and the 12-Pack’s box and tray is sustainably sourced. Not only that, all of the die-cast used to make the cars is from recycled zinc!

Both sets feature electric vehicles of all different makes, models, and functions. In the 5-Pack alone, we have a Toyota Prius Taxi, 2015 BMW i3, 2010 Honda Insight, ’09 International eSTAR, and 2018 Nissan Leaf. You get a mix of consumer models and service vehicles in each set, which we think is really cool. Electric vehicles have always been at the cutting edge of industrial design, so even the standard cars have unique flourishes like one big windshield for a roof, or unconventional rear and headlight designs. As toy cars, they’re top notch. Most of them have the nice “cool to the touch” feel of die-cast, and they roll very smoothly on their small tires, which have little silver hubcaps. The painting on these cars is nearly superb, but once in a while you’ll see the occasional compromised detail.

Matchbox MBX Electric Drivers 12-Pack and 5-Pack Die Cast Cars

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Both packs feature a fun mix of different electric vehicles, so you can’t go wrong with either!

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