Matchbox Jurassic World Dominion Dino Transporters Vehicles Review

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Editor's Review

These 4 Matchbox sets each contain a die-cast and plastic vehicle which is loosely based on vehicles from the Jurassic World series, as well as a rubbery dino. Both the vehicles and dinosaurs are very well detailed in the sculpt department. Zoom in close and you can see all the wrinkles, ridges, spikes, and claws inherent in each dinosaur’s anatomy. What’s even cooler is that each one has a point of articulation! The T-Rex and Giganotosaurus have hinges at their jaws, the Stegosaurus can swing its deadly tail, and the Quetzalcoatalus can flap its wings. Paint is minimal, but there is just enough to accentuate each dino’s identity.

As mentioned, the vehicles are made from both die-cast metal, and plastic. The main bodies are where all the die-cast is, and that helps make the hauling features work, by making sure the center of weight is on the vehicle. As with the dinos, paint takes a backseat to the molded detail, which is admittedly, excellent. Each entrapment mechanism has a point or two of articulation; the copter can open and close at a hinge, and has rotating blades, the Tyranno-Hauler claw can open and close at a hinge and can rotate slightly side to side, the Stegosaurus Claw carrier can rotate at the claw and raise upward, and the Giganotosaurus Loader has an entire crane-like apparatus. Very cool. Thanks to all the weight being on the vehicle, you can haul dinos while rolling or flying without any stability issues.

Matchbox Jurassic World Dominion Dino Transporters Vehicles

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These vehicles will be tons of fun for kids by bringing the action in the movie into the house.

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