Masters of the Universe Revelation Masterverse Motherboard Review

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Editor's Review

The Masterverse line of figures has hitherto consisted of well articulated and detailed 7 inch figures, with the occasional Vehicle or Big Cat, but this is a massive new development. The first thing you’ll notice the striking mailer style box with an ominous portrait of Motherboard. Open that, and you’ll be treated to a truly gorgeous illustrated box, showing the throne of the Evil Horde, now under new management. Last but not least, open the box and create a display base and see the figure inside. 


This Mattel Creations website exclusive figure represents the true form of the character Motherboard. At a whopping 12 inches tall, she is in-scale with your 7 inch Masterverse figures. The paint and sculpt is beautifuuuul. The color scheme is simultaneously mesmerizing, saturated, and sinister, all in one. The shocking magenta, electric blues, ultramarine and purple give off an intense vaporwave vibe. The sharp angles along the wings, and the headdress, compel us to describe the effect with an emphatic eloquence unbefitting of a family channel, so we’ll settle for freaking awesome. This prepossessing design thrives at the 12 inch scale, and it is accentuated with the nice articulation. She has movement at the head, shoulders, elbows, abdomen, hips, knees and ankles. The knees and elbows don’t go much past 90 degrees, but even if they did, there’s only so much you can do with the flexible plastic cords and fabric cape plugged into her back. The wings also bend and rotate, but be careful when you move them, as the feather blades can pop out. They’re easy to stick back in though, not to worry.


Motherboard comes with two sets of interchangeable hands, relaxed and slight gripping hands. Exchanging them is slightly tough, but not too bad. The display case includes a stand you can plug into the clear plastic base, adorned with circuitry. In summary…wow!


Price Check


Should I get it?

No question, if you’re a fan of MotU Revelation, yes! This figure does the new character justice!


  • The paint is beautiful.
  • The sculpt is pristine.
  • The display case is FIRE!
  • The shelf presence is perfect!


  • The articulation is hindered somewhat by the wings and cape.
  • The wings can pop out on occasion.
  • It’s a Mattel Creations website limited exclusive.

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