Masters of the Universe Origins Figures Hypno, Skeletor, Tung Lashor, and Roboto Review

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Editor's Review

This selection of figures is from the Origins line of Masters of the Universe, which strikes a balance between awesomely retro designs, and modern action figure articulation. At a glance, you’d be forgiven for mistaking these as vintage 80’s toys! The 80’s aesthetic extends to the cardback too, and for you on card collectors, you can admire nearly every angle of the figure from within its pristine packaging. We like to open our toys though, so let’s get a hands on impression. 

For a start, the sculpt and paint work on all of these figures is excellent. The line between molded plastic and paint is blurred thanks to the paint having many coats. No undercolor showing through! The figures have articulation at the head, shoulders, waist, hips, knees, and ankles. The only figure who is slightly encumbered with posing is Snake Armor Skeletor (due to the armor)  and even then, not by much at all.

Excitingly, accessories are abundant with each figure! Skeletor includes his Fanged Blade and super evil looking shield, Hypno has his Helmet of Hypnosis, Wand of Mesmerization, and trusty pet falcon, Roboto includes interchangeable arm weaponry, and lastly, Tung Lashor includes his dragonfly crossbow, snake staff, and his signature tongue. Some noteworthy gimmicks are the ability to spin the Wand of Mesmerization, Roboto’s spinning gears, and the flexible material of Tung’s tongue, allowing you to literally lash!

MotU Rise of Snake Men

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Should I get it?

If you’re shopping for a gift, or looking for a new figure line to get into, absolutely! These are quality figures that are great for play ing or displaying.

If you’re a Masters of the Universe fan, you don’t need us to convince you. Do it! You know you want to.


  • The paint and sculpt are very well done.
  • They all have unique features that make them worth collecting.
  • They all have specialized accessories.
  • The packaging is well designed for on-card collectors.


  • None!

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