Masters of the Universe Flying Fists He-Man and Terror Claws Skeletor Deluxe Figure Sets Review

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Editor's Review

The Flying Fists and Terror Claws designs of He-Man and Skeletor give these characters a flashy upgrade! Most noticeably, their chest armors have a mesmerizing chrome finish. If you want to see them in action, the included comic is actually pretty humorous and fun. But that’s only the beginning!

Starting off with He-Man, the hero of Eternia comes with an alternate head, an alternate hand, his power sword, a spinning mace, and spinning shield. The mace and shield are also decked out in silver and gold chrome. The big feature of Flying Fists He-Man is his arm swinging action! Hold the tabs on his back, and twist back and forth to make He-Man swing his arms to and fro. His shield and mace will spin automatically when you do!

Skeletor has similar features, but totally different accessories, as is appropriate. Terror Claws Skeletor has an alternate head, alternate hand, the havoc staff, a snapping skull weapon, and his titular terror claws. Skeletor can swing his arms too, slashing wildly with his terrible talons. The snapping skull is on a hinge, so it makes very snake-like striking motions when Skeletor attacks. Very fitting! You can store their super-weapons on the back tabs, but there is no storage for the havoc staff and power sword. Also, it can be a little tricky to attach Skeletor’s terror claws, due to his funny, finny wrists.

Masters of the Universe Flying Fists He-Man and Terror Claws Skeletor Deluxe Figure Sets

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Absolutely! Any He-Man fan will need to grab these alternate armed-to-the-teeth versions of He-Man and Skeletor. The kinetic accessories and chrome plated sculpts make these very fun additions to your MOTU collection.

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