MasterChef Family Cooking Game Review

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Editor's Review

Spice up family game night by breaking out actual spices when you cook the recipes in the MasterChef Family Cooking Game. Adults get to be the head chefs, in charge of the stove, oven, and sharp knives, and kids get to be the sous chefs, getting comfortable in the kitchen while learning about cooking and food. Two kid-safe knives are included so that kids can get in on the chopping action.

There are three types of challenges, depending on how much time you have. Do a full Cooking Challenge and make a two-course meal, do a Half Cooking Challenge and only make an entree, or do the Snackable Challenge and make one of four easy snacks. Choose your challenge, and then choose your recipe and place the appropriate cards on the board: Ingredient Card, Recipe Cards, Judge’s Scorecard, Mystery Ingredient Cards, Mad Skills Test Cards, and Game Changer Cards. Oh, and make sure you have all the ingredients you’ll need.

Recipes include breakfast potatoes and salsa, breakfast burritos and guacamole, burger mania, crazy cookies and nacho fries, beef stir fry and fried rice, dumplings and dipping sauce, chicken skewers and tzatziki, spinach and feta rolls and greek salad, ricotta gnocchi, tomato crostini and sauce, california rolls and miso soup, vegetable tempura and dipping sauce, pulled chicken tacos and cabbage slaw, homemade tortillas and mango guacamole, middle-eastern beef patties and hummus, tabbouleh salad, tofu and shrimp pad thai, fresh spring rolls, elegant eclairs, granola and yogurt parfaits, greek mini meatballs and yogurt sauce, and savory veggie snack.

Then you cook your way across the board, drawing cards and completing the tasks until you’ve completed all the cards and made your way to the Judge’s Scorecard. For instance, Mystery Ingredient cards ask one player (the Sous Chef) to wear the blindfold and then try to guess what an ingredient is by touch. You get bonus points in the end if you incorporate that ingredient into your dish. Mad Skills cards test your chopping, measuring, and other kitchen skills as you prepare your dish. And the Game Changer cards provide surprise twists, such as physical challenges or trivia questions.

The Judge’s Scorecard rates your dish based on recipe and presentation. If you score over 80 points, you win!

MasterChef Family Cooking Game

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The things we like about this game are that it turns cooking into a game, encourages kids to get creative with the recipes, and might even inspire kids to try a new food. There are a lot of recipes to cook, and even once you cook through all of them, it can still be fun to go back and cook some again to try and better your score and your cooking skills. For families who enjoy watching cooking shows and want to pretend to be on their own cooking challenge, this game will be fun.

However, you must plan in advance to play this game because you need to have the ingredients in order to play. We like the variety of recipes, but we don’t know how picky eaters will fare playing this game. The good thing is that you know what ingredients you’ll need, and you can purchase whatever ingredients your family likes or even make substitutions for those with food allergies.

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