Marvel Superama Glow in the Dark Groot and Black Panther Vibranium Glow Suit Review

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Editor's Review

These Superama statues come in a nice, easily stackable package, whose window extends to the top of the box, allowing light to shine through and better illuminate the figure. In-box collectors, take note! Taking Groot and Black Panther out of the box, we can see all the great sculpts, and feel the nice weight to the statues. The detail on both is sharply defined, which is great! Black Panther’s suit details and accents have vibrant purple paint to make them pop. Groot is fairly paint-bare except for the very cleanly done eyes, but that’s alright, the mold casts lots of great shadows when placed under a light. Leave it under a light for long enough, and Groot will glow in the dark once it’s lights-out. We needed a pretty strong light source to get a strong reaction, but even the subtle glow looks nice. Black Panther on the other hand, simply needs a blacklight to glow. The diorama backdrops on both are well sculpted and have great paint for the backdrop, and a nice looking glossy finish.

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Should I get it?

If you’re a collector of more stylized statuettes or figures, these special edition Superamas are high quality in sculpt and paint! Definitely consider picking them up.


  • They have great packages for collectors.
  • Each figure has a light-based glowing gimmick.
  • They’re well painted and sculpted.


  • The glow in the dark feature on Groot needs a really strong light source to glow powerfully in the dark.

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