Marvel Stunt Squad Review

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Editor's Review

The Stunt Squad line seems to be about two things, flinging heroes into the air, and trying to nail targets and knock down precariously built structures. Each set comes with at least one hero and one villain, like Spider-Man vs Venom, Captain America vs Red Skull, or Black Panther and Stealth Suit Iron Man vs Ultron. Inside, you get parts to build a base of some kind, a launcher, your figures, and a set of stickers. The figures themselves, as mentioned, are made of a rubbery material, which is good because they’re going to be flying high and tumbling on the ground. They’re well detailed and nicely painted, with a mini cartoonish aesthetic, that’s very appealing. They even stand on their own, so they make nice display pieces. Carefully assemble your target structure, and we do mean carefully. A lot of elements are on pressure triggers, or are held together with the smallest amount of friction by design. The structures are highly detailed in the sculpt department, but rely on the stickers to fill out more expressive details. That being said, some set’s structures are far more complex than others. Once that’s done, place your villain somewhere on the structure. Take your catapult, plug in your hero, aim, pull back, and fire! The launcher can fire your hero in a tall parabola, or in a low and long arc, depending on how much strength you use when firing. Each set has a fairly clear target to go for that, when hit, demolishes the entire setup in a spectacular way. Even if you’re off by a little bit, through a domino effect, you may trigger a victory anyway. The cool part about this toy is that it isn’t site specific. Thanks to the size of each component part, you can set up your structure in nearly any place and play target practice. The possibilities are endless!

Marvel Stunt Squad 780 x 780

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Should I get it?

Yeah! Marvel Stunt Squad toys provide nearly endless amounts of fun, since you can set it up and practice flinging heroes anywhere you want. The hero minis also make nice collectibles.


  • The miniature figures are well painted and sculpted.
  • The structures have incredible detail in terms of sculpt.
  • The structures collapse in fun and dynamic ways.
  • The launcher can fire your hero pretty far or high depending on the angle you use.
  • The environmental versatility of this toy is very high, allowing you to play in any place you can imagine and alter the experience to your liking.


  • A lack of paint on the structures.
  • The simplicity of the smaller sets

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