Marvel Spidey and His Amazing Friends Web-Spinners Webquarters Review

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Editor's Review

Check out Spider-Man’s newest headquarters: the Marvel Spidey and His Amazing Friends Web-Spinners Webquarters. This playset stands 27 inches tall and is inspired by season three of the show. 

Along with a four-inch Spidey figure and a vehicle for Spidey to ride in, the playset has four accessories, including two foldable lookout platforms, a DJ table, and a paint-splattered art table. And if you place the Spidey figure (or other Spidey and His Amazing Friends figures, sold separately) into the web chamber and turn the knob, you’ll make the figure spin around, mimicking the transformation from Peter Parker to Spider-Man on the show. This activates more than 50 sounds and phrases from the show. (Two AA batteries are required for this but not included.) Also, pressing the blue and red buttons makes the spinning stop, although the spinning will eventually stop on its own. When Spidey is ready to swing to the rescue, place the figure on the trap door and activate it to drop Spidey into his vehicle. (The figure doesn’t always land well in the car.) Send the car zooming through the web garage doors. Head to the big Spidey head on top of the playset to pretend to get Web-ster’s alerts. 

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One thing about this playset that isn’t fun is the assembly. The pictures are tiny, and some of the pieces are difficult to attach. We also wish there had been better play instructions. It took us a while to figure out what the red and blue buttons did. Other than that, preschool fans will enjoy hearing phrases and sounds from the show, as well as seeing their action figures spin around and get ready to smash through the web to the rescue. This will inspire imaginative play.


Comes with a Spidey figure
Plays more than 50 sounds and phrases
Center chamber spins
Inspires imaginative play


Assembly was difficult
Batteries are not included

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