Marvel Mayhem Card Game Review

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Editor's Review

Players choose one of four character decks to draw from as they play cards to attack opponents, defend themselves, and heal. Each Marvel Super Hero has unique abilities and gear. Players use cards to attack opponents while trying to defend and heal themselves. Players start with 10 hit points on their tracker. Play a card that deals damage to another player and they’ll lose hit points. If their points drop to zero they’re out. They also rely on some powerful allies. Nick Fury, Vision, Goose, and Shuri, can be used throughout the game to help them win. The LAST PLAYER STANDING WINS.

Marvel Mayhem Card Game

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The game can be played in under 10 minutes and players can battle it out over and over as different characters with different abilities for continuous fun. The Marvel Mayhem card game features great comic-inspired illustrations and fans of Marvel will love the superpower slinging action.

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