Marvel Legends Series Thor: Love and Thunder Build-A-Figure Marvel’s Korg Figures Review

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Editor's Review

This wave of Marvel Legends comes with 7 characters featured in Thor: Love and Thunder. The figures include King Valkyrie, Groot, Thor, Ravager Thor, Mighty Thor, Gorr, and Star-Lord. All of the new movie designs are brought to life through the excellent sculpting and paintwork. That being said, some small details are off, or misaligned if you have a very discerning eye. Being MCU Figures, the amount of detail is dense. Thor and Mighty Thor especially have tons of it. All the unmasked heads look fairly close to the actors! Star-Lord looks the most off, but the likeness is still serviceable.

Each figure comes with a reasonable amount of accessories. Gorr has a sword, Star-Lord has his blasters, King Valkyrie has her short sword, Mighty Thor has Mjolnir and an alternate unmasked head, and Ravager Thor has Stormbringer. Standard Thor has an alternate hand and a Stormbringer as well, but with less paint than Ravager Thor’s copy. Our personal favorite is Groot. He comes with a blaster, 2 extra hands, and branch limbs. The branches can make for some very fun poses! All the figures except for standard Thor come with a part to build fan favorite, Korg. As is standard with Marvel Legends, articulation is amazing on all of these figures, though some of them are a chore to make stand on their own. However, a little patience is certainly rewarded.

Marvel Legends Series Thor: Love and Thunder Build-A-Figure Marvel's Korg Figures

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Marvel Legends are always fun! The articulation, attention to detail, accessories, and sculpt work make this wave no exception.

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