Marvel Black Panther Wakanda Forever Fresh Dolls Fierce Collection Okoye, Shuri, and Nakia Review

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Editor's Review

The boxes of these dolls are striking. Raised metallic designs and font overlay a dark gray package with a very fine and subtle cybernetic pattern. Most importantly, the window in the box is very open, allowing you full view of the figure, even in-box. Some of the box top is clear plastic to allow light through. You can tell that these dolls were designed to be high quality collectibles in every way.

These Fresh Dolls from the Fierce Collection were designed collaboratively with Marvel Studios and with the highest attention to detail. These 11 and a half inch dolls are articulated at 11 points and are highly accurate to the source material. Their clothing is soft fabric, and is sewn in such a way that it accommodates posing. Okoye is excellent; the proportion of fabric vs plastic armor, and the differences in texture between the fabrics is just perfect. She includes her weapon of choice, a Vibranium spear. Her hanging tassels and screen-accurate tattoos are excellent details. Nakia comes with her ring blades, a highly detailed bodysuit with shoulder pads, a belt, and greaves. Nakia also has a beautifully crafted dreadlock hairstyle, with highlights. Shuri includes a motorcycle helmet, highly detailed white shoes and a blue tracksuit with intricate stitching. She also has her undercut hairdo from the movie. By far the coolest part of this collection is the great likenesses captured from the MCU actors. These are unmistakably Danai Gurira, Lupita Nyong’o, and Letitia Wright’s versions of the characters. You also get a certificate of authenticity printed on high-quality card stock, and a clear stand to help with display.

Marvel Black Panther Wakanda Forever Fresh Dolls Fierce Collection Okoye, Shuri, and Nakia

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These dolls are a high quality, fun way to celebrate the Black Panther Wakanda Forever movie. Any fan of the characters will love them, as well as any older collector.


  • This line of dolls is all about details. From the faces, to the hair, costumes, patterns, and weapons, all of it is highly accurate, and lovingly crafted.
  • The boxes are very intentionally designed to literally cast these dolls in the best light.
  • Their articulation is high.
  • The included stand helps with display.
  • You even get a certificate of authenticity.


  • None!

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