Marvel Battleworld Ultimate Armory Series 3 Mega Pack Game and Battle Ball Review

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Editor's Review

Marvel Battleworld is an analog multiplayer game, as heroes fight against the game itself to save their comrades. Inside the Mega Pack you get all the materials you need to get started. Some of the highlights include 6 Hero Movers, two of which are trapped in Thanos Stones, and one of which is exclusive to the Mega Pack, 6 hero cards for said Movers, and 13 battle cards. Shuffle your battle cards with two Thanos Stone battle cards and place them face down in a stack. Be sure not to open the Stones just yet, that comes later!

To Start, each player chooses their heroes and requisite hero cards. A player can control one or two at once. Next, draw a battle card from the face down deck, and place them face up in the middle. This will be your battle world. If any cards are Armor Battles, add an armor token to the card, which changes the hit requirement. Now, it’s time to attack! Select a battle you want to fight and roll to hit. Each hero has attack affinities and point bonuses, and each battle has a reservoir you must hit.

– If you roll equal to or more than the needed amount, you hit, and place your Hero Mover on the blue hit track, and remove any armor tokens and appropriate them for yourself.

– If you roll less than the needed amount, you unfortunately miss, and place a danger token on the danger track.

Make it to the end of the blue track to win, or lose if the danger token makes it to the end of its track. Either way, flip the card over when the battle is done. If won, your hero will stand victorious. If not, place a danger token on top to signify a loss. Win 5 battles between all players to win the game! Lose 3 times and its game over. After all heroes have attacked, flip the danger coin and advance any danger tokens in play depending on the side you flip. You could lose a battle this way, so be careful! However, each Hero has a special ability that can help you grasp victory in the right situation, so remember to use your powers when necessary! Winning a Thanos Stone battle lets you crack open the stone and free the hero (as well as their card.) This hero can immediately be put into play. If you have no Stones, instead pick a hero from the bench and bring them into the fray.

Overall, this game is far simpler than it appears, in a good way. It’s easy to open and play! We also like how it’s a collaborative multiplayer game. To expand your options, you can get a Battle Ball, sold separately, which includes one hero and hero card, a Thanos Stone and mystery hero card, plus 5 battle cards, an attack die, 5 danger tokens, a danger coin, and 3 armor tokens. These Battle Balls are essentially mystery boxes, so you always run the risk of getting a repeat. Maybe you’ll get lucky and open a rare!

Marvel Battleworld Ultimate Armory Series 3 Mega Pack Game and Battle Ball

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Marvel Battleworld strikes a great balance of complexity and fun for young tabletop game enthusiasts. The fun factor of opening a mystery hero adds to the excitement.

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