Marble Rush Ultimate Set Review

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Editor's Review

The Marble Rush Ultimate Set is filled with stunts and challenges, and kids get to build it all. This marble run construction set actually has three ways to build, providing beginner to advanced configurations. Color-coded instructions for each build make it easy for kids to see which pieces go where. Plus, you can go online to find more or create your own.

Fun pieces such as a spinning Ferris Wheel, a musical light cone, and launchers add excitement and speed to each marble run you build. Turn on the Ferris Wheel and watch it lift marbles around and up to the top of the track. When a marble rolls down the funnel of the musical light cone, it will trigger lights and sounds. There’s a basket challenge in the third configuration, where kids try to launch marbles into a cone. And kids can use the other launcher to send a marble up the ramp. Ten marbles are included.

Marble Rush Ultimate Set

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Kids will like watching the marbles travel around the track and go through the different stunts and challenges. We like that there are three ways to build, but even more potential configurations when kids get creative and put the pieces together however they want. This is a fun way to encourage creative thinking and problem solving.

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